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Patrol Trucks
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Pilot Cars

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Special-Purpose Vehicles

The "Scorpion's Tail" - Very early on in LRDG's history, it was realized that patrols might be in danger of being ambushed by enemy armored vehicles. To counter this potential threat, the last truck in each patrol was equipped with some sort of light artillery. Wireless Truck (various patrol trucks) - One of each patrol's trucks was equipped with a No.11 Radio Set for communication with HQ. These sets were mounted in a special compartment in the front right of the truck's body; in the Ford F30, access to the radio set required the complete side of the truck body to be removed - not exactly an ideal arrangement. The 1533 Chevys were equipped with a conveniently designed compartment whose access hatch could be opened without removing sand channles or other equipment that might be carried on the side of the truck.
In addition to the No.11, W/T trucks also carried a Philips receiver needed for monitoring BBC's time signal (which was essential for exact navigation in the featureless desert).


A Chevy 1533 with Wireless set. Note Wyndon aerial on side of truck

Medical Staff Truck (Chevy 15cwt) - LRDG Headquarters maintained a single truck to be used as a field ambulance car by medical officer "Doc" Lawson. The first truck used for this purpose was a 1311 Chevrolet, with a very improvised set of medical equipment in the body which was covered by a canvas. After this vehicle broke down, another 1311 was used; this time, some LRDG troopers went to some lengths to construct a closed body for the truck that was subsequently equipped for ambulance use.

The first medical staff truck.

The second truck, with its wood construction on the back.

The interior of the second truck.

Medical Supply Truck (various patrol trucks) - A medical orderly accompanied all LRDG patrols to look after wounded units in the field. One of each patrols' vehicles was equipped to carry medical supplies (which required a cooled compartment to carry medicines); these vehicles usually carried a stretcher on the side of the body.
If possible, badly wounded units were evacuated by plane as soon as possible - an event that, luckily, appeared only occasionally.

The stretcher on the side identifies this F30 as medical supply truck

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Other Vehicles
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